"In The Beginning"

In July 1931 C. Rae Griffin wrote to the "Amateur Photographer" pointing out the need to form a postal club to cater for miniature prints and to provide criticism of ones' work by fellow photographers.
The magazine published the letter and the response was such the in September 1931 the first folio was put into circulation with 25 members. The first few boxes went out in brown paper parcels and members stuck their own piece of blank paper on one edge of the print to provide a criticism sheet. Rae was the Secretary and the group called themselves the "Photographic Miniature Postal Portfolios" known from then onwards as "PMPP". The word miniature applied only to the print size. this being a maximum of 12 sq in.. Today C29 still applies this ruling.

The first issue of "The Little Man" completed with the logo we use today, was in 1938 and was headed "The Official Organ of PMPP".

1936 saw large print circles form under a separate title of "Photographic Postal Portfolios" of Great Britain" or "PPP".

By Spring of 1945 both "PMPP" and "PPP" had extended to 9 Circles in each club and it was decided by votes of 157 in favour out of 163 cards sent out that both that both clubs should become on society. After considerable discussion during the AGM it was agreed that the Society should be called "United Photographic Postfolios of Great Britain".

During the year of 1947 membership had risen to 428 and the circle 'Best of Round' prints were referred to as 'Gold Label' prints for the first time. During the AGM it was announced that all members had contributed towards a Society Trophy, which had been engraved 'The Leighton Herdson Trophy' to be awarded to the 'Best Print of the Year'. Leigh' expressed his surprise and gratitude at the meeting.

Albert Marion ARPS of Circle 14 became the first holder of the Trophy and his print "Hobo" appeared on the cover of the "Little Man"

During the years following the Trophy was occasionally awarded to a slide so in 1988 it was agreed by Council that an exact duplicate of the Leighton Herdson Trophy would be awarded for the first time for the best slide, now know as Projected Image.
Alison Baker was the first member to win it with "Bags of Swank".

R. C. Leighton Herdson FRPS FRSA FZS was President from 1936 to 1949

Over the years other Trophies and awards have been included, see below.

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United Photographic Postfolios of Great Britain

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R. C. Leighton Herdson FRPS FRSA FZS
Leighton Herdson Trophy
The Little Man
Albert Marion ARPS
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AQS Trophy
Natural History Print
Glenn Vase
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Bags of Swank
Allison Baker